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Las Vegas Power Wash helps you with all your resident power / cleaning needs:
House Washing
– Concrete Cleaning
– Driveway Cleaning
– Gutter Cleaning
– Interior Maid Cleaning Service
– Patio Cleaning
– Paver Cleaning
– Pool Deck Cleaning
– Sidewalk Cleaning
– Skylight Cleaning
– Window Cleaning

We offer maintenance contracts for ongoing services: 702-782-3500

Before Las Vegas Power Wash Residential Fence 1
After Las Vegas Power Wash Residential Fence 1
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As time passes, the exterior of your house can and will be abused by Mother Nature. Your home exterior surfaces are exposed (depending where you live within the 50 miles radius of Las Vegas we serve) to rainstorms, dusty winds, insects, water damage / floods, vandalism, paintballers, kids, ice, snowfall, snowstorms and atmosphere fallout.

Over time, as the dirt and other items continue to build up on your home surfaces, the damage has begun. It will only get worse if you do nothing. These infected areas of your home will start to deteriorate. The deterioration results in value decrease of your home and the obvious disappointing appearance to you and your guests. What are the first impressions people have when they see your home?

Exterior washing when treated by a professional helps extend the life of your property as well as helps increase the value. Exactly like the human body or your car, periodically they need to be washed. You do not want to be known as the person who owns the dirtiest house on the street. Our professional power washing / cleaning will keep the dirt, dust, stains and more to a minimum and make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Thanks for visiting the Residential section of our web site, we hope to hear from you soon, 702-782-3500 or use our Contact Us page. For more information about Las Vegas Power Wash, visit our About Us page. See just a few of the before and after photos of various problem areas we have fixed for people throughout Las Vegas area.

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